Fulaan Creative


Please read over this page carefully before contacting Fulaan.

Where are my presets? I was never emailed a link. 
A: Please check your email junk/spam folder. The email will come from Fulaan Creative.  The email is sent to the one you provided on the checkout page, not your paypal email.  Make sure you check the correct email.  Please note that after payment you are returned back to the Fulaan Creative website.  Once paid for, the downloads are also available on the payment confirmation page.

Can I download these on my phone?
A: Yes, if you know how but it is not recommended to download the files on your phone.  If you have problems downloading them on your phone please use a desktop/laptop instead.

Will these presets work on my phone if I download with a laptop or desktop? 
A: Yes. Once you download, just sync your mobile device with lightroom CC or install them in lumafusion and use these presets on your mobile app.

Why are these making some images and footage look strange? I thought it was supposed to make everything look amazing.
A: Presets & LUTs are not intended to be used on EVERYTHING. You will find that a particular LUT or Preset is best suited for a certain range of colors, lighting and scenery/studio conditions.  A lot of what drives the success of a preset when editing, is first capturing the photo/footage IN camera properly. Proper Exposure & White Balance with good lighting will make for outstanding edits. Also LUTs & presets are not always meant to be used at 100 strength.  You should lower the strength so that it looks nice but not unnatural.  Most of these presets will look best between 20 – 60 strength depending on how stylized of a look you are going for.

Why aren’t these presets or LUTs showing up in my Lightroom & or video editing software?
For presets you want to be sure you are using version 7.5 of Lightroom or higher when using XMP file presets.  Presets work best with RAW images. If a preset is greyed out, make sure you are actually editing a RAW photo – not a JPEG or a Screenshot, etc.

For LUTs: These LUTs will work with any editing software that accepts cube files.  (Please note: If you are using these with FCPX, they DO work, but you need to install a LUT Loader for FCPX to recognize them. You can download one free for FCPX here :http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/fcpx-lut-loader/

Do you offer refunds on digital products?
No, refunds are not offered.

I have a problem with my order/download.  How do I get in contact with you?
A: Contact me here and I will reply as soon as possible.