LUT Pack Bundle
LUT Pack Bundle

LUT Pack Bundle


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This bundle includes both my Filmic LUT Pack 1 & Filmic LUT Pack 2 at a discounted price! With this bundle, you get a total of 24 amazing LUTS that are ready to use on your next project.

What is a LUT? It is basically a creative filter for your video footage. Once you apply a LUT to your video clip the data inside that LUT color corrects your footage giving you a specific look without having to spend hours color grading! It is very easy to use too. These LUTs will work in Premiere Pro CC, DaVincci Resolve, FCPX, AE & LumaFusion or any software that allows you to use custom LUTs.

What’s included? Fulaan’s Filmic LUT Pack 1 and Fulaan’s LUT Pack 2, which includes the following LUTS: Faded Story, Steel & Orange, Old Red, Freedom, Serene Scene, The Gray Card, Ice Water, Teal & Orange Juice, Dark & Moody, Simplicity, Analog Days, AR17, Candlelit, Cold Steel, Moonlit, Punchy Film, Remnant, Retro Grade, Retro Grind, Soft Film, Cine Stack, Modesto, Wandering Star and Route 87

Thanks and enjoy!